"Let My Love Open the Door"

(by Sondre Lerche) Let

I was going to tell you about our anniversary & birthday celebrations last week, but you'll have to wait a day or so for that! I'm going to tell you about my morning instead! Have you ever had one of those days where you just can't seem to get out the door? That was my experience today! The MIShaps actually began yesterday at lunch when the motor on my van's passenger window broke. We took the van to the shop last night & parked my mister's car in my spot in the garage. No big deal, except it has a longer front end than my van. {This really does pertain to today's story, so bear with me!}

Fast forward to this morning...I was trying to leave the house for a meeting at the church, when I spilled coffee all over my phone (of course, because spilling coffee is one of my many talents)! I hurriedly cleaned it up, but was running late after that little incident. You know how when you're running late, everything else tends to go wrong, too? Well, I don't know if it just seems like that, or if we just get clumsy in our haste. Either way, the coffee spill snowballed into the following series of unfortunate events...

I grabbed my water bottle, coffee mug & clean phone, then picked up my purse ~ tossing out a scattering of papers, chargers & stuff that I had grabbed out of the van last night. I kissed Cody & told him to tell his sister that I love her more than any other girl in the world ('cuz she was asleep, so I couldn't tell her myself). I hurried out to the garage & jumped in the car, knocking the car door against a card table that was leaning against the wall {I have no idea why it wasn't upstairs in the closet, where it belongs!} which caused it to fall against the car door. This never happened in the van, because my door is much farther up {due to the whole shorter front end thing that I mentioned previously ~ see, this is starting to all make sense now, huh?} I couldn't open the door to move the table, but I couldn't back out, because the table would scrape all along the side of the car & stuff. Plus I couldn't find my keys!

I started to panic a little bit, because I have a hard time breathing when I'm in a vehicle without any moving air blowing on me. {I'm sure it's all in my head, but that's the truth ~ I start feeling all claustrophobic or something.} I considered climbing over the armrest & stuff to exit out of the passenger door, but it's that oh-so-wonderful time of the month when it hurts to stand up straight (much less attempt being a contortionist). So I decided to call Cody & ask him to help me out. I barely pushed the "Send" button when he came into the garage with the phone. I couldn't believe how quick he was & that he thought to come into the garage! But, he just stood there pointing at the phone instead of answering it! I yelled at him to answer it, and he just stared at me in confusion. Then I realized that the call on my cell was going to our home voicemail. I was so confused!

Fortunately, my brilliant son noticed the table, moved it off the car door, opened it up & handed me the phone that he had answered by then. It wasn't me on the other end, it was the mom of one of Elly's friends! I had called the house phone just after she did, so my call went to voice mail. I was so relieved that I could breathe, and I was trying to explain to Cody & the mom how I had gotten stuck & was so glad for the phone call that caused Cody to go into the garage. I realized that I was rambling like a mad woman, so I shut up & let her talk. Meanwhile, I found my keys in the pile of papers, chargers & stuff that I had tossed out of my purse earlier! I took a deep breath & walked out the door only 20 minutes behind schedule :/

Have you ever had one mishap turn into a series of mishaps? {Please tell me I'm not the only one!} I'd love to hear your stories!



LOL, Yes, like last week when I backed into a friends house! Yes, I said HOUSE. Well, technically pole type thing in her garden type thing that's sorta connected to her house. While trying to manuever my Yukon XL on her very narrow drive and not fall into the ditch or hit her very expensive poly-vinyl fencing I grazed the wood pole. No damage to the pole, just my tail light. Happy day :)
Zion said…
Yes I have had that kind of thing happen, uh! I can't wait to hear about the birthday and anniversary stuff which I am assuming was far less exhausting.

RYC- Pit is a card game I got for Jeremy for his birthday. I think you would like it, it is a lot of fun and it's been around forever.
Kendra said…
i can totally picture all of this happening haha!

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