"All Around the World"

(by Lisa Stansfield) All

Been around the world and I, I, I, I can't find my table...

I'm looking for an accent table/cabinet for my mister's bathroom upstairs. I really didn't know it could be so difficult! The problem is that it needs to be a certain size, hold a certain amount of items and be a certain price. Hmph. Easier said than done, I'm realizing! I've been on the hunt since my birthday. I was hoping to have a bathroom re-do post by now, but unfortunately it isn't happening. And I don't know when it will! Dad is coming this afternoon, and I don't plan on doing a bunch of running around while he is here recovering from surgery. {Hence, the reason he will be at my house ~ so I can take care of him!} So, yesterday, I went all over the place looking for a table...

I don't know if you remember the post when Pepper got kicked out of the groomer. {Bear with me, there's a reason for this!} Well, after that experience, I figured it was best to continue taking her to the old place. Since it's like 30 minutes from my house, I've been trying plan it when I could make a whole day out of it. Ya know, take her there when I plan to be & stay in the area, so I don't have to make the drive twice. I know, it's just 30 minutes, but I just hate driving it twice in one day!

Anyways, today I had an appointment on that side of town, so I took my baby puppy to be groomed. After my appointment, I still had about four hours to kill, so I literally went into every store over there that could possibly have the type of table/cabinet that I'm looking for. I finally found one that I liked ~ I just needed to stain the top a little to make it match the mirror better. Once I got it home, it was too deep for the space.


I may have to bite the bullet & just shell out some more cash for the silly thing! I don't know, but I reached a point that I'm not sure I had ever reached until today: I got sick of shopping!



Brooke said…
seriouslY? i find that difficult to believe!

suck, though, that the one you found didn't work :(

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