"Random Thoughts"

(by Bop) Random

I totally stole this idea from Lauren ~ she posted this little fill-in-the-blank last week...

Maybe I should stop whining about stuff!
I love hearing my kids laugh with each other.
People would say that I'm quirky.
I don't understand why some people claim to love Jesus but live in a way that turns people away from Him.
When I wake up in the morning I have a cup of hot tea as soon as possible!
I lost my mind...just kidding!
Life is full of chances to make memories.
My past is full of pain, good times, sadness, laughter, questions, the faithfulness of God.
I get annoyed when people drive slower than the speed limit in the fast lane!
Parties are fun when they're with great friends &/or family.
I wish I had more patience.
Tomorrow I am going with my dad to see my baby brother.
I have low tolerance for people who are constantly making excuses for their behavior.
I'm totally terrified of my husband's cancer spreading.
I wonder why I God blessed me with such great kids.
Never in my life have I been completely happy with how I look.
High School was filled with goofy times with my friends!
When I'm nervous I talk. A lot. About really random stuff.
Take my advice: don't try to go through life without Jesus.
Making my bed makes me feel like the whole house is clean!
I'm almost always in the mood for chocolate.
I'm addicted to caffeine.
I want someone to find a cure for Ocular Melanoma.

For more caffeinated randomness, check out:

I hope you have a super great weekend!!



Brooke said…
i'm a chatter when nervous too :) and i'm pretty sure no woman is happy with how she looks
Anonymous said…
I agree that making the bed makes the house seem clean! I have so many pillows and blankets so when I actually take the time to make my bed it's like "That's what my floor looks like!" :) Love the fill in the blanks.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you joined us, Amy. And I will be praying for you and your husband. ♥
Zion said…
Fun stuff, you do have amazing children :) and I will continue to pray about the cancer :(
I love this... so fun!

I hear you on the patience... that is something I am working on too!

Praying for your family and your husband.

Bobbi said…
I talk a lot when I'm nervous too. AND nobody better say, "Hey, she must be nervous all the time!" HA! I also have the same delusional belief regarding making my bed. Weird, isn't it? Smiles and a lovely weekend to ya!
Wow. Aren't we just twin souls...I could say "Amen" on so much of what you wrote - what a great list.

I'm an obsessive bed-maker (if it goes unmade all day, I have to make it before I get in...OCD anyone?) and I live on caffeine, too. I also am confused by people who profess to follow Jesus but are not in alignment with what they say...Again, so much I could echo.

Love your beautiful blog and will pray for your family!
Karen said…
I agree about making the bed...although I would say it makes the bedroom feel cleaner. In the same way, I think having the dishes washed and put away makes the kitchen feel cleaner. :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I responded to your comment on my blog. Just wanted to let you know. :)

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