"Boogie Woodie"

(by The Beach Boys) Boogie

We had such a great time in Galveston on Friday!!

We met up with everyone at the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate Aaron's 30th birthday!

Then we did a little body surfing & boogie boarding for a couple of hours...

The girls loved playing in the sand!

After swimming, we went back to Geary & Shelly's campsite for sandwiches...

Then we went crabbing {my first time} & there was only one minor injury! We went when it was almost dark, so I didn't take my camera. We didn't leave until almost 11:00, after all the regular coffee shops were closed ~ which is why I stopped by McDonalds for the mocha (that I mentioned on Saturday). It was a super great day with a super great family!



Zion said…
Really cute picture of Mckenzie (sp?) and look at Elizabeth, she is towering over all her cousins- so grown up :).
Brooke said…
fun!! as you knew it would be :)

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