"Hiding Place"

(by Starfield) Hiding

"In the shadows, I can hear Your voice
Singing to me
In the valley, I can hear Your heart
Reaching for me now
And I wait
Flooded with the strength of Your peace

You're my defender, the shield of my heart
You are my hiding place
When terror surrounds me
You keep me from harm
You are my hiding place

In the darkness, I can feel Your light
Wrap around me
In my suffering, I can feel Your joy
Rising in me now
And I wait
Flooded with the strength of Your peace

Here before You, Jesus
In this place
Here before You now
Face to face


Under the shelter of the Most High
Will I be saved, and will I abide"

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Brooke said…
great verse :) and wonderful to know that we have a place to rest in Him.
RR Mama said…
Love that song! Thanks for sharing it!!
BARBIE said…
Oh so good! Thank you!
Great verse.

I just found your blog. My husband was diagnosed with cancer a little over 4 years ago. I will be praying for you.
Julie Arduini said…
Perfect verse and picture to go with it. Love the song of the day, too!
lori said…
I have lingered here for quite some time...all I can say is wow.
Wow...to this post and wow to the transparency that you're sharing here and WOW to the SONGS!

Music resonates with me...What a wonderful place you've got here!
Songs....oh the repertoire that spins in my head...from Christian rap to the Smiths of days gone by...:) (yep that dated me! )

love it!

Amydeanne said…
oh never heard that one before! Great song! :)
Thanks for joining along Amy! (Great name btw! :)
lauralee Shaw said…
Love this comforting promise.
Susannah said…
Nice! A beautiful pairing of image and verse. Happy WFW!
Laurencita said…
Thanks for sharing the song... very encouraging.
livinginbetween said…
It's so good to know we have a place to go to hide away from the things that are pursuing us to steal our joy and our peace. He is good!
Cathy said…
Thanks for sharing that song I had not heard. I love that scripture verse. Blessings ~

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