(by Anita Renfroe) Momisms

No, this post isn't quite as funny as the title or the video indicates. {But the video is good, so you should watch it if you haven't seen it before.} In light of the post from Gloomy Gus yesterday, I figured it was time for a silly post. Elizabeth & I were talking in the kitchen the other day, & when our conversation was over, she walked into the living room. As she was going, I heard her say to Cody, "Mom kinda weirds me out!" Now, we have an open concept floor plan, so going from the kitchen into the living room is practically staying in the same room. I couldn't believe that she would say that about me, especially within my earshot! Plus, as I went over our conversation in my mind, I couldn't figure out what I could've said or done that would make her feel that way!

I decided it was best to kindly ask her what she just said. "The mom," she replied, "on Lockie Leonard just weirds me out!" They were watching a TV show with a mom that Wiki describes as "frighteningly understanding". The frightening part is definitely correct! She really is one odd duck!

So, obviously I'm glad that my baby girl wasn't talking about ME! I'm not sure if this would be classified as a MIShear or a MISunderstanding, but either way it was kinda funny (at the time, at least). Have you ever thought somebody said something negative about you, only to find out they weren't talking about YOU?



Brooke said…
the girls in the break room constantly talk about what a slut Brooke (Logan on Bold and Beautiful) is! :P first time i thought i'd walked in at the wrong time!!
Zion said…
Brooke, that is funny! I hear things wrong all the time. I love that Anita Renfroe video. Have you seen the "more real love story" video. It's a parody she does to Love Story by Taylor Swift and I found out about it from Denae Stone. It's so cute!

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