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I remembered this incident recently, and I felt it was worthy to be told. It is a story of MISunderstanding in the truest sense of the word....

Several years ago, my family was on the hunt for the best ice cream in the area. We heard rave reviews about a particular ice cream parlor, so I had high hopes! We drove all the way into Houston & arrived quite excited to try this place that was considered “better than the BEST.” As I was looking at the flavors, I saw one that said “Guinness” & asked the ice cream scooper what it tasted like.

She replied, “It's stout.”

I wasn't sure what kind of answer that was and looked at Chris questioningly. He simply looked at me with an odd expression on his face, so I figured he didn't know what she meant either. I asked for a sample & {with bitter beer face, I'm sure}, said, “Ewwww! It tastes like beer!”

Chris responded with, “Well, she said it was stout!”

Now, just to clarify a little bit: when I hear the word “Guinness”, I think “World Records”. And when I hear the word "stout", I think of a little teapot ("...short & stout...") I never acquired a taste for alcohol. Especially beer. My mom's boyfriend gave me a sip of his beer when I was in middle school, & I was so disgusted that I was never tempted to imbibe. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me a slice of beer bread or a big ol' greasy plate of beer batter onion rings. But I would never choose to drink a can of beer or taste it in ice cream! I truly thought this ice cream had won some type of record!! So, imagine my surprise!! Needless to say, after my little sample, I opted for a scoop of plain old chocolate!

This picture was taken that day:

{Yes, my kids are wearing "Butch" shirts. They love their dad!}

By the way ~ I'm sorry to let you down, if you thought this post had something to do with the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo currently happening in my part of the world! I used this particular song today because it was in the Guinness commercial below:



Brooke said…
wow - i didn't know there were people in the world that didn't know of guinness! my BIL is irish and he made me try a sip, but it wasn't worth more than that.

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