"He Will State the Obvious (Captain Obvious Theme)"

(by Songs To Wear Pants To) Songs To Wear Pants To - Blue Pants - He Will State the Obvious (Captain Obvious Theme)

OK, this MISspeak is really just a silly case of stating the obvious, but I had to share...

For Thanksgiving, my family went to my brother's house. After dinner, we were carving up the turkey to send home with various family members. We took a little bit of the meat outside to feed to one of the cats. While he was feasting, one of their other cats came over and watched him (drooling a little bit & looking up at me with a very sad face, because he didn't have any turkey meat). Not wanting him to feel left out, I went in and got more turkey to feed the second cat. When I got back outside, he was patiently waiting for me to return with his meat.

When I stepped back inside the house, I said, "Cats are different from dogs!" The room got quiet, and everybody stared at me awkwardly. My dad said, "That's my girl!" {But what he probably meant by that was, "Thank you, Captain Obvious!"}

For the record, I am well aware (& always have been) that cats & dogs are quite different from each other. What I meant in this particular instance is that cats seem to be less territorial with their food, or at least my brother's cats are! I have seen dogs be quite aggressive when it comes to food & another dog, but these cats weren't that way at all! I just should have phrased my brilliant insight a little differently!

Have you ever stated something that was blatantly obvious?



Brooke said…
lol - i can just see everyone getting quiet and starring at you :P
Brooke said…
RYC - I agree with you 100%. that same heirarchy that says I obey my husband is the same one that says God comes first no matter what.

its similar to Daniel and the lion's den. we're called to obey our government b/c God has put them in a position of power UNLESS they ask us to do something that goes against God.
janachelle said…
*I* haven't (ok, I'm sure I have, but it's so much more fun sharing about someone else!). Anyway, we were at my sister's high school basketball game and this other mom in the bleachers says, "oh, so, the team that scores the most baskets wins!" Seriously, you JUST figured that out?!

Now my family says that to each other when someone has stated something obvious ;)
Zion said…
I would totally do say something like that. It makes sense to me though. Have you seen the movie Bolt, it depicts the cat and dog difference very well.

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