"Who I Am"

(by Jessica Andrews) Jessica Andrews - Who I Am - Who I Am

Who I Am by Jessica Andrews on Grooveshark

When my husband redesigned my blog, I decided that the blogger profile didn't really fit the theme! So, as if there isn't already enough stuff about me on this blog, here's more!

I am an official mini-van driving soccer mom named Amy.

I've been married to my mister (Chris, aka Butch) for 13 years.

We have two beautiful kids ~ Elizabeth (aka Elly) is in 5th grade, & Cody is in 3rd grade.
{This picture was taken several years ago, but I love LOVE love it!}

I have a super cute, super crazy Shorkie named Pepper!

I love to sit in a rocking chair or porch swing with a hot cuppa tea.

I ♥ punk music.
{This pic was when Hawk Nelson performed at the Revolve Tour ~ I talked about it in this post.}

I love a bubble bath with a good book.

I also love scrapbooking!
{Here I am packing up my scrapbook supplies for a retreat!}

I am passionate about God and the teenage girls that He has called me to befriend.
{This is me with 2 of my girls who are now all grown up!}

I hate cancer, especially the kind that's in my husband's eye.
{For the complete story, click here or on the tab below my blog title}

I'm a pretty random person...if you'd like to read more random facts about me, go **here**.

I am also passionate about eating disorder recovery. You can read a brief synopsis of my story here. Or my entire story (along with some encouragement & hope) can be found here ~ but start at the bottom! {I don't think there's a way to reverse the order of posts! If you know of a way, please let me know!!}

If you didn't see the "through the years" tab below my blog title & would like to read our story, you can click here.



Brooke said…
i was feeling random today too.

i <3 hawk nelson!!
Amanda said…
Hey! I love reading your blog, and I love the new web design of it EXCEPT that the border color is SO dark! I end up having to highlight words to read them! I am only saying something, because you could possibly be completely unaware of this! Anyhow, I completely love this post and it makes me miss you so much! We need to get together ASAP!!!!
Kelsi Whitehorn said…
I found your blog through Cole's at Letters from Coco and I just wanted to tell you that I love it. I'm a big music nerd so I love reading what songs mean to you. Thank you for your encouraging words and for sharing your story.

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