(by Jimmy Needham) Jimmy Needham - Not Without Love - Firefly

I know I've said this about a lot of songs, but I love LOVE love this song! It actually tied with the Seabird song last week. Then, my beautiful cousin posted some of the lyrics on facebook this week, & we had a discussion about how much we love it. Since then, it has been playing over & over in my head a bunch. Plus, per Kendra (& because we're "one & the same"), her plays + my plays definitely make it the most played song this week! So, there you have it, Kenny D, it made it on my blog! {now, go get yourself a gmail account or something, so you can post a comment!}

As usual, my favorite part of the song is a quirky line: "These are just simple words of mine, & though most of what I feel is hard to rhyme, ain’t it good to know your boy gave it a try?" He also says super sweet things like, "It’d take a thousand colors just to paint your eyes" & "You move into a room like summer breeze at noon time. Baby, out of nine, I’d give you ten." Doesn't every girl want her man to say stuff like that?!

Well, our builder & his family are coming over for dinner, so I've gotta go clean the kitchen & stuff! I hope y'all have a super wonderful Valentine's Weekend! <3



Kendra said…
Google account created!!!! :) Thanks for adding my play count to yours. This is definitely one of the best songs in the world! Hope you had a great time with Wally and company! lol :) love you!

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