"Cuts Like a Knife"

(by Bryan Adams) Bryan Adams - So Far so Good - Cuts Like a Knife

The other day, I mentioned a romantic-turned-fiasco moment, & that's the MIShap you get to read about today...

It was two weeks after our wedding. We had returned to work that week & were settling into our new life as husband and wife. I decided I was going to be a good little wife, and on our first Saturday morning after the honeymoon, I was going to surprise my mister with breakfast in bed.

While Chris lay sleeping, I went to the kitchen to start my breakfast preparations, still wearing my silky white nightgown (first mistake). I turned the coffee pot on, because I thought that was a nice gesture. We normally just drank coffee at school & work, but I thought he would like it at home, too. [It's funny how things change. Now, we drink coffee at home AND wherever else we're going later!] Then, I started making an omelet, complete with deli ham & cheese. I was doing well until I tried to open the can of biscuits...

Apparently, this particular can had just come off the truck & been stuck on the shelf the moment before I picked it up & put in my grocery basket, because it wasn't popping open like it was supposed to. I know that the instructions on the can say to use a spoon, if necessary, but I didn't want to take the time to get one out of the drawer (second mistake). So, logically, I picked up the steak knife I had used to cut the ham. I'm sure you see where this is headed...

I ended up stabbing myself right where my thumb joins the palm of my hand. It was bleeding like crazy all over the white nightie. I couldn't get it to stop, so I ran into the bedroom & hollered, "I'm bleeding! I'm bleeding!" He was thinking [he told me later], "So what?! You're always bleeding!" {As I told you in the series introduction: I'm a klutz!} When he woke up enough to realize that I sounded a little more panicked than usual, he got up & assisted me! He had me lay down on the couch with my hand above my heart. I thought he was being a little over dramatic, but it finally stopped the bleeding! He also finished making the breakfast that I had started for him!

I put a band-aid on my cut & went about my day; but a few hours later, my entire hand was throbbing. Just the slight touch of my middle finger brushing against the hem of my mister's shirt sleeve sent pain radiating up my arm! We went to help a friend's family move, and the only thing I could do was put cans in the pantry, one at a time, with my good hand! By that evening, my hand was so swollen that my wedding ring fit on my pinkie (normally 2 sizes smaller).

We decided to call our Best Man, who was in medical school. He was concerned because there was meat on the knife that I had used, so he said to watch for a red line going up my arm. That didn't happen, but I decided it was best to schedule an appointment with the doctor first thing on Monday morning. Turns out, I had cut a ligament in my thumb. I got a Tetanus shot & anti-inflammatory prescription. I still felt pain in my thumb several months later, long after the wound had healed on the outside!

And I have never attempted to make breakfast in bed for my mister again.



Brooke said…

gives me the bad tinglies reading about it
Anonymous said…
that's funny and terrible all at the same time! i can just imagine -and as a newlywed you try so hard to be perfect! it's a great story/memory, though, right? ;)

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