"Seeing is Believing"

(by Hey Hollywood)

The words of the song don't relate again. I'm sorry that I'm not so great at actually picking theme songs! It seemed great in theory! Maybe I should change this blog to, "The theme title of the day is..." or maybe, "A song that may or may not relate to my day is..." (neither title sounds quite right, though).

Anyways, at Christopher's appointment this morning, Dr Boniuk thought that the hemorrhaged area had improved enough to perform the laser surgery today. The laser should prevent the blood vessel from bleeding anymore, as well as cauterize the entire area that was affected by radiation. So, maybe this won't happen again, & hopefully this will help prevent radiation retinopathy (basically, damage to the retina due to radiation leaking through the blood vessels). His vision had improved to 20/400. (Yes, I said "improved" to that acuity, which shows how bad it was last week). He went right to work afterward & actually made it to a 10:00 meeting that he really didn't want to miss! Now, we just need his body to absorb the blood in his eye, and hopefully his vision will be better. As always, we are so grateful for your prayers!


jessica mohr said…
That is awesome. I am believing for the best. Feel bad that I didn't call you to see about it yesterday!! Have fun with your company... I wanted you to notice JoJo's shirt from England... just a little funny funny haha for the kid's surprise!! :o)

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