"Let Me Go On"

(by Seabird)

Yes, another Seabird song that I LOVE! I have listened to them quite a bit this week, because I really think they're my new favorite band! This particular song isn't my absolute favorite, but I've already posted two of those already! I happen to have two versions of this song; therefore, it's today's song because I've listened to it the most! They did an awesome job on this one at the concert, btw.

Before I forget, I told you I'd explain why Chris is wearing the eye patch again. Last Saturday, he started seeing floaters again. Before too long, he realized that it was actually blood that he was seeing. He called the emergency number for his ocular oncologist, who said it sounded like something hemorrhaged & to come in first thing Monday morning. On Monday, he confirmed that a blood vessel on the surface of the tumor had hemorrhaged. His retina still looks good, though. He'll be going in again this Monday for a follow-up & to schedule another laser treatment (possibly on Friday). If you remember last time, he went to work afterward. So, he should be good to go again this time. His vision is very bad right now. He could only see light on the chart at 20/400 (but no letters), & he could barely count the doctor's fingers from 3 feet away. So, he ended up with a terrible headache on Monday (& came home from work early, which he never does). So, he has been wearing his eye patch to prevent headaches, and it seems to be helping (though, not completely). So, there you go...I'll keep you updated!

I believe I've had one of the craziest, busiest weeks in a LONG time!! Who knew precisely a week ago that we would have a contract on a house, & I would have 40+ boxes packed & in my formal dining area?!
From 2009 Spring & Summer
[& this is only half of the room!]

I feel like I've accomplished a lot, but I still have quite the list of things I want to accomplish before our house guests arrive on Tuesday. Mainly, I need to:
  • pack a few more boxes of items I don't need for the next few weeks
  • take a couple of boxes to a donation center
  • sell a couple of boxes of books at Half-Price Books (for probably about $1! ~>update: I actually made $15!)
  • take several boxes over to Jessica's for a garage sale we plan to have in a couple of months (How awesome is she? She's letting me store my stuff in her garage, so I don't get it all confused with the stuff I want to keep!)
  • finish buying school supplies {Ahhhh! Where can I find a simple 2 pk of red checking pencils?! ~>Answer: Wendy's house!! My sis-in-law dug through her art supplies & found two for Cody!}
Today, we are concentrating on the garage! Yikes!! I think Chris is heading that project, and I'll be inside dealing with the rest of the list! [Hey, it's only fair since I've packed every single box by myself! So, don't feel sorry for him! ~>update: he packed his office stuff AND sorted the garage stuff today. 'Cuz he's awesome!]

Don't worry, I won't bore you with all of my packing & moving details over the next few weeks. I'm not going to be doing much packing while our guests are here, and I really won't have the time to blog much during that time, either!


jessica mohr said…
well, I am awesome... lol! Thanks! Things will be crazy for you, with company and packing all in one...Thursday will be the best day to bring stuff by the house, or Friday. I have a Dr. apt and so does JoJo. If you need, I can help you load up boxes in the evening. I can take the seats out of the van. Just let me know.
{amy} said…
See? What'd I tell you? Jess is awesome! :) Actually, all of my friends are [not only for their offers of assistance, but simply for the people that they are]! Luv you gals!

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