"Whole Wide World"

(by Wreckless Eric)

I don't know about you, but I completely missed this song the first time around. {Probably because I was a toddler?} And somehow, I didn't discover it when the Monkees sang it in the 80's. {I thought I was a fan!} But when Will Ferrell sang it in Stranger than Fiction, I sorta fell in love. I'll admit that the story the singer tells is sorta odd, but I love that he'd go the whole wide world just to find the girl for him. I just love the vibe of the song, & I think Elly agrees ~> she didn't know that I had it until this week, and I think she helped make it today's song.

Have a great weekend & a great week, too! I'll be at the lake (& away from technology), so I won't be able to post for awhile. I'd love to know if you actually miss me! ;)


Unknown said…
I miss you already!
{amy} said…
Aw! Y'all (or maybe ya'll, huh Jana?!) are TOO sweet! :) I missed you, too!

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