"What Time Is It?"

(by the cast of High School Musical 2) The Cast of "High School Musical" - High School Musical 2 (Original Soundtrack) - What Time Is It

Yes, I really am posting a song from HSM2. I can't believe it myself. But, it seems fitting for the first week of summer break! {You don't have to push the "play" button!} I don't really feel it necessary to post the lyrics, but they're easy to find (if you really want to know them!)

So far, the summer has started out good! I picked the kids up on Thursday (their last day of school) & surprised them with a picnic at the park with friends. We ended up spending the entire afternoon with them, and it was great! This is the first summer (in a LONG time) that we have had more than 5 channels, so the kids pretty much vegged out in front of the TV on Friday, while I sorted through all of their school work. [I'm somewhat of a pack rat, so this is hard for me! But, I think I did well ~ I really just kept the personal stuff like stories that they wrote about their lives, really good drawings, & papers that the teacher wrote a "keep-worthy" comment on.] In case you're concerned that I'm going to sit my kids in front of the TV for the next 2½ months, rest assured: I actually have goals for this to be a FIT & FRUGAL summer!

Some of you IRL friends may remember how emotional I was last summer when my baby girl got on the scale & was only 10 pounds less than me. Until then, I think I was so afraid that she would end up with body image issues like me, that I never talked to her about weight & tried to just ignore it. The problem with that was the fact that I also never really taught her healthy eating & exercise habits. Seeing Elly pass the 100 mark on the scale jolted me into action, and I am so glad to report that she has not gained ONE pound since last summer! I have not put the focus on HER, but on the FAMILY being more healthy. With healthier snack options & portion control, we all seem to be making better choices. I haven't bought a box of Little Debbies since last summer, and I bake brownies & such WAY less often than I did before. We have also become exergamers! The kids do the Wii Fit every day, and I plan to do it, too. We actually went on a super long bike ride this morning {oh my gosh! I think I need my own bike! I used Cody's, and it was hard work!}

As for the other summer goal, I hope to be both frugal & FUN! It's easier said than done, but I am constantly looking for ideas. I bought Summer Movie Clubhouse passes from Cinemark for the kids & me. They are all movies that we've seen; but the pass (at only $5 a person) gets us into 10 movies throughout the summer. We'll be using Cinemark's air conditioning, and it'll get us out of the house for a few hours. I know that Michael's & The Home Depot have cheap or free classes/workshops on some Saturdays. The kids will be going to some events at our church, too. And, of course, we'll be getting together with friends & going to the pool. That's about all the ideas I have so far & 2½ months to fill...Any suggestions?


carahinojosa said…
When Butch ate with us at Lopez the other night he actually ordered WATER to drink and not a DR. PEPPER! I couldn't believe it--I thought maybe he had lost his mind, but I guess it was part of his effort to be healthier. :)
{amy} said…
WHAT?! With Mexican food? I don't even order water with Mexican food! That's the one time I splurge & have Coke. That's craziness!!

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