"Chasing the Daylight"

(by Phillip LaRue) Chasing

"Some say my faith is like wings made of wax
That it won't last
That I'm wasting my time
Have they ever felt love like this?
Grace like a gentle kiss?
Beauty so divine?

I was a soul stranded in bones before You
I was dream too afraid to dream without You
But now

I want to chase the daylight
Like it's the last day of my life
I want to run
Hide myself in the sun
And feel all these fears melt away
And I will never look back
No, I will never look back
I'm gonna live this life
Chasing the daylight

Oh, chasing You, Lord

There's still arrows in my heart
There's still times I fall apart
And all I am left with are "why's?"
But then Your love falls like a heavy rain
And my heavy heart doesn't feel the pain
When You're by my side


So open up the sky
And open up my eyes
Open up the sky tonight


Do you remember the band LaRue from about 10 years ago? It was a Christian brother & sister duo that had some success on The Disney Channel. My favorite songs of theirs were "Someday" & "Reason". I hadn't heard anything from them in a long time, until I got this free download about a month ago. At first, I didn't realize who it was. But, what do you know? He's the brother in LaRue, and he's making a comeback! In the meantime, he has been a producer for bands like Over the Rhine & Tenth Avenue North ~ nice!

I really like the sound & message of today's song. I can't pick a favorite line, because there are too many. If I had to pick something, I'd say the whole 2nd verse ~ how he talks honestly about the arrows in his heart & being left with unanswered questions, but God's love sustains him. I completely understand that! And what a great way to live life: chasing the daylight.

One final reason why I like Phillip LaRue & this song: he reminds me of David Gamboa, especially when he says, "like it's the last day" & "open up the sky". :D


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