"Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

(performed by Bob Thorp)

I've got two totally unrelated sports items to talk about today! First, the kids & I finally got to meet Ryan Moats last night! He has been working with Christopher's company for a month or so. Chris kept telling me that Ryan was a pretty cool guy, and I must say that I agree! And he was totally cool about taking a picture with my kiddos!
From 2009 Spring & Summer

Secondly, we got to go to an Astros game last night, too! {hence the song choice} I haven't been to a game since Craig Biggio's number retirement ceremony in August (which was awesome). Chris got the tickets from work, and they were really good seats. We didn't get to watch the whole thing, though. We were late getting there and had to leave early because it was a school night. But, we shared a funnel cake & saw Lee hit a home run, so it was totally worth the parking money!
From 2009 Spring & Summer


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