"When She Sees Me"

The Choir - Wide-Eyed Wonder - When She Sees Me
(by The Choir)

"I'll wait outside a moment
You watch the clock on the wall
Listen closely I'll say when
Sing "London Bridge Is Falling"
No change at all
Now could the beats when I come in

Listen how fast my little girl's heart beats
When she sees me
Listen how fast my little girl's heart beats
When she sees me

She never minds the weather
She likes the flashes of light
I say "Love, beware black skies"
She's not afraid of winter
Or thunderous nights
She follows rainbows in my eyes


The minute hand on the seven
Second hand on the three

Listen how fast my little girl's heart beats
Listen how fast my little girl's heart beats

We hold each other so close
We dance around and around
She likes the music that I play
She wants to bust out laughing
She's learnin' how
She wonders if I'm home to stay


The minute hand on the eight now
A hundred and fifty-three

Listen how fast..."

OK, I'll try to finish this journey through the past before Christmas, because I have a few songs that I'm sure will be appropriate for many of the days this season...

1999 was a wonderful year of getting to know our beautiful baby girl! She was such an incredibly happy baby, and SO easy! Everyone we know said that she just wasn't a "real" baby, because she was so easy! She loved to sleep, and she loved to GO places! We used to say that her middle name was "Go". Our life really didn't slow down much when she came along, because we just brought her everywhere that we would've gone before. She was the youngest participant in our College & Career group! Our friends would take turns holding her, and there were times that we'd be sitting around & realize that we were all just watching her! She was the first baby in our group of friends, so they enjoyed being around her, and she became our entertainment at times. My parents came up and visited as often as they could get away. She was the first grandbaby on my side of the family. Chris gave my dad a hard time about how often Dad had driven up to see him (3 times in 3 years) compared to how many times he had already been up to see Elizabeth (3 times in the first 3 months)! We spent quite a bit of time at "Uncle" Dan & "Aunt" Sheryl's (good friends of Christopher's parents, and the parents of Geary~the guy we built our house across the street from), and they became like grandparents to her. It was so nice to have them just a mile down the road. She absolutely loved them, and I will always cherish our time with them.

Of course, Elizabeth LOVED her daddy! (She still does, actually!) She was very happy & content with me, but she adored her daddy. She was like the baby girl mentioned in today's song. As soon as Chris got home from work, he was with her. She would be sitting in her little bouncy seat watching Peter Jennings on World News Tonight (she had a little crush), and only Daddy could take her eyes off of him! She would giggle so cute & give him kisses. She loved to sit on her daddy's shoulders, but for some reason she would bite his head when she was up there! It didn't hurt, though, because she didn't get her 1st tooth until she was 13 months old! He loved to snuggle with her on the couch. It was so sweet to see her asleep on his chest. Wow...I sorta miss those days!


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