"Thank You"

(by Sanctus Real) Thank You - Pieces of Our Past - The Sanctus Real Anthology

Once again there was an appropriate theme song on a Monday, so I'm a day late in continuing my list of One Thousand Gifts. Some of the items on today's list may seem silly, but sometimes it's the little things that make me happy. And happiness is a reason to be grateful! So, here's what I'm thankful for today...
  1. Celebrating Kyla's birthday with my friends
  2. No visits from creepy old neighbor guy lately ü
  3. My baby brother talking about how Jesus is working in his life
  4. International Talk Like a Pirate Day posting a link to support OMF
  5. Encouraging words
  6. Nice neighbors
  7. My unchanging God
  8. Humor in the little things
  9. Learning to study the Bible better
  10. Febreeze
  11. New tunes from my friend Laurien
  12. RAIN!!!!!
  13. My community group
  14. Hugs from a sweet baby boy :)
  15. Sitting in the driveway talking to a friend for an hour & 1/2 {I totally wasted her gas ~ why didn't I invite her inside?!}
  16. People pointing out how God is using me in ways that I hadn't even realized
  17. People who know how to fix leaky faucets
  18. School buses {so I don't have to deal with the carpool line every afternoon!}
  19. My friend Felicity {whose birthday is today!!} & a little birthday surprise! :)
  20. A phone date with my friend Cassie {who moved far away}
  21. New music from Needtobreathe!!!
  22. New music from Gungor!!!
  23. "Happy CD release day" texts! :)
  24. Seeing the ladies in my Bible study classes encourage each other!
  25. Hearing my counselor say that I don't need to see him for a whole month (instead of every 2-3 weeks)!

I'd love to know what you're thankful for today!



Brooke said…
speaking of Bible studies - how's yours going?
Zion said…
Amen to #137! It is awesome to see God moving so profoundly in your life. It is no secret where he ranks in your heart!
It is the little things, isn't it? :) #128... love. Febreeze is the best. #141... that is awesome!
Lis said…
I am thankful for so many of those little things, as well. Having gone through cancer six years ago, I still remember (not as often as I should!) to be thankful to be well enough to have energy to do mundane things - take care of myself, my kids, go out to eat, etc.

I am thankful for our stinky old dog Winston and how faithful he's been.

I am thankful for my Kindle and good books!

I am thankful to have found you through the vast world of the internet. :)

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