(by the Jackson 5) ABC - Anthology: Jackson 5

I've been incredibly inconsistent with my posts lately, so I thought something like this would be fun! I saw it on Lauren's blog & thought it would be fun to play along! Feel free to join me!
  1. Age: 36
  2. Bed Size: King
  3. Chore that you hate: dusting
  4. Dogs: one crazy one named Pepper
  5. Essential start to your day: caffeine
  6. Favorite color: pink & teal
  7. Gold or Silver: either
  8. Height: 5'3½"
  9. Instruments you play: I play a mean kazoo, but beyond that...nada
  10. Job Title: Full time wife and mom
  11. Kids: 2 ~ Elly & Cody
  12. Live: Texas
  13. Mother's name: Karan Sue
  14. Nicknames: Amus, Ames
  15. Overnight hospital stays: other than when I had my babies...just once. I got a concussion when a friend & I bumped heads in 5th grade
  16. Pet Peeves: drivers not using their blinkers
  17. Quote from a movie: {I can't pick just one!}
    “Dude, it's chocolate. Need I say more?" ~ What a Girl Wants
    "I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite" ~ Elf
  18. Right or left handed: Right
  19. Siblings: short version: there are 11 of us!
    long version: one full brother, one adopted brother, one half brother, four step-brothers & three step-sisters
  20. Time you wake up: 6:10
  21. Underwear: ummm...yes? {not real sure what they were looking for there, but yes I wear them!}
  22. Vegetable you hate: I don't have a problem with any particular veggie
  23. What makes you run late: When I allow too much time to get ready, so I putz around doing silly stuff until I run out of time to actually get ready!
  24. X-rays: just my crooked spine ~ nothing too exciting!
  25. Yummy food you make: Chili
  26. Zoo animal: monkeys :)

Okey doke! I'd love to know if you play along! And yes, I'm aware that you can't see my header & stuff. Google has made some changes, & Chris has to change the path, host the images somewhere else, or some other technical jargon I don't understand! If it bothers you, you can view the blog in all sorts of different ways now (& you can click "classic", "flipcard", etc. on either of those links for more types of views). I'm not a big fan of change, but there's one feature that I think is pretty cool. If you scroll, scroll, and scroll some more, it'll eventually load every single post. Then you can use the little search feature to find everything I've ever said about any word you choose. Not that anyone really cares, but it could come in handy...say if you wanted to see every time I've mentioned random things like chocolate or Disney. Seriously though, I know there have been times when I remembered a bloggy friend talking about something but I couldn't find the post. This could be a helpful tool, I suppose.

Alrighty, I'm about to head out to MOPS, then I'll be scrapbooking for the weekend!! I've started tomorrow's post, so hopefully I'll finish it at some point. I'm sure you're dying to know what I've listened to the most this week {ha ha!} ΓΌ



Brooke said…
i totally see you as a "Smiling's my favorite" kinda gal.

my favorite movie line ever is from the Racoon in Dr. Dolittle. "Humans are scary. They've got guns, and knives, and fold out couches. Me? Sure I got rabies, I could bite someone. But I can only do so much!"
Rebecca said…
I've been on a blog drought too long . . I'm going to play along :)
I think posts like these are so fun! Dusting is also my least favorite chore. "Smiling's my favorite." Love it! Underwear... umm yes. LOL What were they looking for there. Too funny! :)

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