"For the Band"

(by Relient K) For the Band - The Bird and the Bee Sides

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought it was time! I'd like to call this "Friends' Theme Songs: Back When My Mister Was in a Band Edition". The people I'm talking about today were either in a band with my mister, have played with him at some point in time or are married to someone previously listed. There are other people I could attempt to find songs for, but these are the people who have songs already. If I come up with some later, I may revisit this one...

First, there's Freddy. I'd like to have a peculiar song for him, since he apparently says that I'm peculiar on a weekly basis. I thought it was only once. But alas, I've discovered it's much more often. I really prefer the term quirky. It sounds a little cuter & less...well, odd. I digress...OK, back to Freddy! His first name is actually Louis, so I think "Louie Louie" is appropriate. Chris thinks it's a dumb song choice, but I didn't really ask his opinion. His wife Cara's song is "What a Feeling". I know it's weird, but the song is by Irene Cara. Get it?! I don't know when I made the association, but who can ever know the randomness that is my mind. It's her song, and that's all there is to it!

Dan's song is "Daniel" for obvious reasons. And his wife Amanda's song is also one with her name. I know they aren't creative or anything, but sometimes the songs are just that obvious. Dan & Amanda deserve truly creative song choices, but I can't change the song my mind wants to think about for them. I'm sorry to be so lame.

And Nolan...Nolan with the awesome hair. Nolan who is in the Wayne Kerr video that I posted awhile back (he's playing electric guitar & is the one looking out the car window at about 3:07). FM Static's "Donna" is Nolan's song! ΓΌ I have no idea why he called (or wanted to call?) me Donna, but he did. I don't know if I look like a Donna, or if I look like someone he knows named Donna. I should ask him, but I think it embarrasses him. Anyways, despite the fact that he totally knows my name now, I haven't been able to hear "Donna" for the past 6 years or so without thinking of him!

Blake...Blake who is officially my friend forever! This one may seem strange, but his song is Ryan Adam's "So Alive". For the record, I have no romantic feelings for Blake. He did a cover of this song, and I like it. So it's his song. That is all.

And finally (for now), there's Jeremiah. He is the one who introducted our family to Homestar Runner about 9 years ago (or so). The first year that we went to Hollywood, he talked like Homestar so much that our friend Tara thought he had "special needs"! :) So for obvious reasons, J's song is what you hear when you first go to the Homestar website!

One last thing, today's song actually makes me think of a guy named Chris who played bass with Freddy & Dan before my Chris did. I can't remember if my Chris has ever played with the Chris that I'm talking about, so I didn't officially list him here. Plus, I don't know him well enough to give him an official song. So today's song will be his unofficial song. Does that work?

UPDATE: I can't believe that I totally forgot Josh's song! Chris hasn't actually played with him, so maybe that's why? But he played keyboards with J's band, and he used to be a bus driver. So the Caedmon's Call song (by that name) has always been his! OK, that is all...



Zion said…
Ahhh, Homestar Runner, I almost forgot. I know about half of those people.

I "wrote to you" in my blog post just now ;)
Amanda said…
You're so funny! I was wondering when you were going to get around to us!!! :D

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