"A Sight to Behold"

(by Eisley) A Sight to Behold - Combinations (Deluxe Version)

I thought I'd give y'all a little update on my mister. He had yet another follow-up visit with the retina specialist, & it was actually a good one! There's no new radiation damage (so no new crazy vessels), & the pressure in his eye has actually dropped. The swelling is also down. For the first time since the vitrectomy surgery (over a year ago), we don't have to go back to see him for FIVE months (instead of every couple). The only negative news this visit was that his vision has decreased a tad ~ from CF 3' to CF 2'. But that's not a huge difference. And seriously, at this point, he can't really SEE anyways. It's more like he's guessing fingers at 2 feet away! So for his vision to decrease isn't really a big deal.

I don't know if you remember the blackout lens we were considering, but we cancelled the contact appointment yesterday. Since we already had to meet my mister's out-of-pocket (the first week of the year, 'cuz that's the way we roll), we're almost out of money in the flex plan. It doesn't renew until July, so we'll consider the contact then. I guess it's a "cosmetic" thing anyways, and he has adjusted to wearing the patch. Plus, if his vision continues to decrease, he won't need the patch or a lens. {I totally don't mean to constantly repeat myself, but to explain for those who don't always read my blog: the purpose of the patch/lens is to prevent headaches caused by eye strain. If his vision is completely gone, his eye shouldn't strain anymore} So, we'll see how things are in July, I guess. His next appointment is with the ocular oncologist next month, and then I think we might not have to see anyone until June or July! Wow ~ three or four months without a doctor visit is longer than we've gone since this whole ordeal began!



Brooke said…
that's awesome news :) from a health standpoint, from a time standpoint, and money no doubt!
Zion said…
Praise the Lord! I look forward to hearing more and more good reports in the future. Question about his sight- So is he legally blind? How does he work or drive? I am just wondering because I didn't realize he had a severe vision problem. You can reply on this comment thread if you want and that way other people can see it too :)
Becky Crenshaw said…
Amy! Good stuff. I pray the visits to the doctor get farther and fewer between!! BTW- watched your vlog. You are ADORABLE!! So many of the words you said sounded VERY East Tenneessee!!!
RR Mama said…
Good news. Glad to hear it. And on a side note, my feet are frozen! I know come July I will be griping about the heat but I am so over this cold weather!
{amy} said…
Good question, Natalie! He isn't considered legally blind, because his good eye has a visual acuity of 20/25 {without corrective lenses} To be considered legally blind, your better eye has to be 20/200 or worse with corrective lenses. I'm sorry that I've never made it clear that he has great vision in his good eye! :)
Laura said…
What great news! I'm glad that the doctor's visits are getting fewer and further between. :)
Yay... that is great news! And not having to go back for months at a time... we totally understand what an awesome feeling that is! :)

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