"Crazy Love"

(by Hawk Nelson) Crazy Love - Crazy Love (Plus the Light Sides)

Hawk Nelson's new album Crazy Love came out today!

Have I mentioned before that I love them?! {I think I might have said it a few times!!} Anyways, I don't have the album yet, because we're on a mission {Baby Step 2} ~ but I did send an email to my mister last week with a link to the album, saying something along the lines of, "Wouldn't this look great with new gold hoop earrings for Valentine's Day?" I hope he got the hint! ;)



Brooke said…
a CD AND earring? you're really pushing it aren't you? ;)
RR Mama said…
I hope you get both!
Zion said…
Cute. We had a Dr. appointment today and the receptionist said the date and mentioned to Jeremy that it is a week from valentine's day. Then she looked at me winked and said, I hoe that helps. Ha ha.

PS- You are doing a great job on the baby steps. WOO WOO. Keep up the good work.

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