"I Swear"

(by John Michael Montgomery) I Swear - The Very Best of John Michael Montgomery

Yesterday, I babysat a little friend who recently got her ears pierced. We were discussing her experience, so I decided I should look through old scrapbooks to show her pictures from when Elly got her ears pierced. Of course I couldn't just look at one page! So I took a little trip down memory lane & looked through an album or two. Thinking of my baby girl in all of the cuteness of her preschool days, I recalled a time that I terribly MISunderstood something that she said...

One of our youth interns lived at our house for awhile when Elizabeth was a toddler. One day, she walked down the hallway & pointed at his door saying, “Fukaw.” I couldn't believe what she had said, so I asked her to repeat herself. She pointed at his door & repeated the same terrible thing!

Had he seriously taught her to say "F-off"?!?!?! Of all four-letter-words! I must say I was pretty shocked & angry that Jon would say that one, especially in front of my baby girl! All afternoon, I tried to figure out the best way to confront him about the language he used around my little one.

That evening, Jon had barely walked in the door when Elizabeth pointed toward his room & said, "Fukaw!"

Just when I was about to say that he was busted, he said, "You wanna play football?" He had a game system in his room, along with a football video game that he had played with her! All along, she had been saying "football"!

Have you ever drastically misunderstood a toddler?



Brooke said…
wow, i wish my nephew saying "pish off!" was so innocent! :P
jessica mohr said…
Jesse Ava had another name for Butch.... And please don't ask Joelle for a fork....... :)
Anonymous said…
that's so funny!
Zion said…
LOL! I was on the edge of my seat for that one.

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