"Hey Now"

(by FM Static)

This song has been one of my favorite FM Static songs since the very beginning. I mean, how can you not love a song that mentions Fruitopia? Not that I'm a huge Fruitopia fan, it's just the fact that this song says it that makes me happy! It's like the Veggie Tales writers working an apple chopper in to one of their songs. That kind of clever wording just makes me smile! Like Hot Hot Heat's song that I mentioned in one of my very first Scrobbled Saturday posts.

Anyways, this song came up as one of several that I've listened to the most. I think it's because we were listening to my iPod alphabetically, starting with songs that began with "Hey" ('cuz we're weird like that)! And let me tell ya, there are some pretty great "Hey" songs out there...Superchick's "Hey Hey", "Hey Jude" from Across the Universe (& of course, the Beatles version, too!), Leeland's "Hey", Plain White T's "Hey There Delilah", Taylor Swift's "Hey Stephen" & many more...

Well, sorry this is so random. I'm sure I have other stuff I could talk about, but my boy is waiting on me to go on a bike ride. I hope y'all are having a super wonderful weekend!



Erynne Nicole said…
Wow I haven't heard ANY of those songs in such a long time!

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