"Find Me Tonight"

(by Everyday Sunday) Find Me Tonight - Wake Up! Wake Up!

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I'm sure all 3 of you missed my Saturday post yesterday, huh? I went to see my baby brother, and it's an all-day affair! I know y'all have been biting your fingernails in anticipation of what song I listened to the most last week! ;) Well, I'd like to know actually, but the scrobbler didn't work properly. It didn't scrobble anything past January 6th for some reason! So, I picked this lovely Everyday Sunday song. Because I love it, and it has somehow never been on this little ol' blog!

I love the entire song, but my favorite part is the bridge:

"You speak without sound
Your love is so loud
You always save me"




Laura said…
I just saw Kerith's post about you and Butch! Yay!
Thanks Amy! A new song to listen too.

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