(by Taylor Swift) Enchanted - Speak Now

I received Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" album for Christmas, and I'm really enjoying it! I think the idea behind the album is a really good thing. I mean, how many times have you wished you had said something, & then you live with the regret of not saying it? I definitely don't agree with everything she has to say in her lyrics ~ and she can come across as bitter, unforgiving & vindictive at times. But speaking what's on your heart is the essence of the album, and that I can agree with!

How often do we hold back words that might help a situation? Not that I think you should always speak your mind! Like, if you told someone you loved them upon your first meeting, I think they might freak out a little! And sometimes you need to allow a situation to diffuse somewhat, so it's best to bite your tongue and not take it from bad to worse. But there are definitely times when a few words could make a positive difference. Wouldn't it be great if we all learned to be a little more honest, open & transparent with people? {Especially the ones we love!} And a simple word of encouragement can mean so much to someone.

Today's song is one of my favorites from the new album. I love the way it sounds & the feelings behind it ~ the "butterflies" & stuff! My favorite line is, "This is me praying that this was the very first page, not where the story line ends". I know it's sorta fairy tale-esque, but it's sweet. It's like a delightful encounter that holds some hope for a future. Have you ever felt enchanted to meet someone? How did that relationship turn out?



Brooke said…
i think fairy tales are real. sometimes the rough parts are left out. then again i'd take socks on the floor over my step mother treating me like a slave!

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