"Valley of Tomorrow"

(by NEEDTOBREATHE) Valley of Tomorrow (Recorded Live At Plantation Studios - Charleston, SC - 09/20/10) - Live Horses - EP

You had to know that another NTB song was coming! Plus, I warned you that I could write an entire blog post about this song, which is why I didn't choose it for the post about the concert!

I got the "Live Horses" EP the other night. It contains live versions of 5 songs from their last tour. I already have studio versions of these songs, but I wanted the live versions, too ~ because they're just. that. good. So my mister bought it for me, 'cuz he's awesome like that. Anyways, I've been listening to the CD in the van all week (but only partially due to the aforementioned power outage that led me to even be listening to the radio the day that I won the tickets). & I [no lie] listened to this song over & over again the entire way to my friend Amy's the other day.

I liked it alright prior to the concert, but it wasn't my favorite for some reason. Seeing it live (& acoustic, even) completely changed it for me. That's why I posted a live version today ~ so you could maybe get a sense of it. Before the concert, I liked it enough to have a favorite part ~ in the 2nd verse, "I never second-guessed the little voice I heard. It's just a whisper, that sounded like a scream." {particularly, the "sounded like a scream" part}

But did you hear the line after that? Watch this video clip that I captured the other night:

"I aint never felt so free"

Somehow, I had never heard that line before. {What's wrong with me?!} Hearing it reminded me of that feeling of freedom. And it made me feel so grateful to God for saving me and setting me free!

Another of my new favorite parts of the song is right about the 3:00 mark on the first video (the one that I didn't record). But, I'll leave you with one more clip from the other night! (I know my clips aren't the best, but I wanted you to maybe feel like you were there, too):



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