(by John Anderson) Swingin'

Is today's song a blast from the past, or what?! For the record: though I am a true Texas girl (born & raised), this song is really way too country for me! The country music that I like is more along the lines of Taylor Swift & a little Rascal Flatts! But, the title is appropriate for today, so there you go!

If you haven't already figured it out, I'm just a swingin' as I type these words! I'm actually on my back porch on a glider, & I don't even know a Charlotte in real life! But it's essentially the same! (ha ha!) I was afraid that I got my new cushion a little too late to enjoy it until the Fall, but it is surprisingly cool right now. Though I use the term "cool" loosely. It's 87 degrees, and I'm in the shade with a little breeze blowing through the patio! Seriously, though, it feels great! I was trying to read my Bible in the kitchen this morning & kept getting interrupted. So, I thought I'd try the patio, & what do you know?! It has been great! No butterflies have visited my garden, but I have seen a bird or two!

My baby puppy came outside with me, but she keeps trying to get me to go back in! There's some construction going on close behind us, so she's afraid for our lives! She keeps going to the door ~ but when I open it for her to go inside, she looks at me like, "You have to go in, too! They're coming to get us!" When I don't go in, she decides to stay outside & bravely protect me hide out behind the glider!

I hope you have a nice, peaceful place to relax and enjoy God's beauty today!



Brooke said…
i love my front porch swing. (and also can't stand that song!)
Sarah said…
I love the theme of your blog .. hence I had to pop over and visit. Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a delightful spot to slip off my shoes and drench myself in goodness.

RR Mama said…
You crack me up..cool 87 degrees. You know how hot it is right now. But Hubs says thanks, because right now I am singing "Swingin'" and it's driving him nuts.
nest of posies said…

what a fun twist to your blog! love this idea.

nice to meet you. i love to sit outside when i can. i could only dream about reading & being outside...doesn't happen too often since the 3 kiddos run around like crazy.

have a lovely weekend.
Laura said…
What a wonderful way to enjoy blogging and quiet time! I have patio and porch swing envy...

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