(by Justin Bieber, featuring Ludacris) Baby

I haven't shared anything from this series in awhile, so I figured it was time! I have to confess that this MISspeak is not my own. It's just too funny not to share! It happened when we were at a Chinese buffet with some friends. My mister asked Karina a question, & she said, "What, Baby?" I didn't even have time to process what she said when she started apologizing & was all embarrassed! It was hilarious to me, because I knew she didn't mean anything by it!

But that's not all...at the end of the meal, we got our fortune cookies, & this was Karina's:

I'm sure you can guess where my mister was sitting...directly across from her!

Have you ever accidentally used a term of endearment when talking to someone you wouldn't generally speak to in such an affectionate way?



RR Mama said…
That is so funny! I have a time or two ended a conversation with a friend by saying OK love you and talk to you later. We laughed and laughed. It finally became a joke between us.
Cole Franke said…
That's so funny. I haven't really listened to a lot of his music but this is a cute song.
Zion said…
Wasn't there a time that David Harper did something funny to you?
janachelle said…
Too funny. I'm so afraid I'm going to say "I love you" at the end of a phone call!
Anonymous said…
Peter's ended a phone conversation with one of the guys from work by saying "ok, I love you, baby", not meaning to... And once Peter almost put his arm around a girl thinking it was me (i was standing a few feet away and we all laughed when he told us what he almost did).

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