"It Really Is (a Wonderful Life)"

(by Mindy Smith) Mindy Smith - My Holiday - It Really Is (A Wonderful Life)

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately! I had grand plans of participating in a few Christmas memes, but it didn't happen. Sorry to disappoint! Maybe next year...I thought I'd post a few pictures of what's been going on around here, though!

My mister got his official "entourage" jersey from Ryan Moats!

It's really neat, 'cuz Ryan had our last name put on the back, above his number :) We all tried it on for fun...how cute are these kids?!

Friday, my kids had their Christmas parties at school.

& my new table was delivered that afternoon!!

Kendra & I went for coffee between Christmas parties! Then, Friday night was our church hayride! We rode all through a nearby neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. [I'm sorry I don't have pictures; but my memory card was full, my battery was low, & I just didn't get a chance to do anything about it!] Saturday, my dad & uncle came over. Then, Kendra & I got to go with them to another Rockets game that night {& I didn't see anybody I know this time!} On Sunday, we went to church with Wally (our builder) & his family (who I talked about in this post). They are such great, genuine people! I love them a bunch! I really enjoyed talking to their teenage daughter, being entertained by their 5-year-old & holding the sweetest baby boy! We hosted our Community Group Christmas party that night, which was so much fun! [Due to the previously mentioned camera issue, I didn't take any pictures to post here ~ sorry! But, if I were to obtain some copies from a friend (hint hint), I'd be eternally grateful!]

One final bit of randomness...I've found some great items on Etsy lately! I'm a weirdo who loves to add appreciation photos when I leave feedback. So, I thought I'd share a couple with you, too! I got some cute Scrabble tile pendants for Christmas gifts:

& this cute beanie:

I have been searching for a charcoal beanie since last Christmas, & I finally found one on Etsy! The seller accidentally sent a silver grey one first ~ which I liked & decided to keep. So, she discounted the 2nd one, and I got them both for $14 (shipping included)! Yay for Etsy finds!

Well, I hope to get on to more "blog worthy" topics soon ~ but for now, this is what you get! I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!!


Anonymous said…
Hey Amy!!!

Man its been forever... we recieved your christmas card yesterday.. thank you sooo much!! hey give me a call or text me sometime!!! or send me an e-mail at hx1985@comcast.net since i dont have your e-mail or phone number and really dont want to put my phone number on here.. and if your on facebook find me!!

Love ya,

Brooke said…
i love the new table! :) its gorgeous! and its so much more of a social layout then the long ones where the people on the ends can't enter act.

very cute beanie. i wish i didn't like a fool wearing them! :P
Amanda said…
Hey! We got your Christmas card in the mail! Thanks so much! Everyone looks great! We need to get together and catch up! SOON! Have a very Merry Christmas dear friend.

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