"The Monster Mash"

(by Bobby "Boris" Pickett) Monster

I'm taking a break from my usual "Scrobbled Saturday" post today, because it's Halloween. I know some people don't like today's song & feel like it's over-played ~ but I happen to like it, because it brings back happy memories of my childhood music class!

Today was the kids' school fair! I volunteered for a few hours & got to meet some other moms. I'm still trying to "fit in" there, so it's nice to have a chance to meet more people & have the chance to talk to them for awhile. So far, most everyone that I've met has been so nice & welcoming, so I'm glad for that! At first, I only sorta knew one lady from church. Then, at curriculum night, I was so glad to see Pepper's vet! {I'm sure you've experienced that feeling where you walk into a room & know absolutely nobody! So, to look over the sea of faces & see a familiar one smiling at you...It's amazing what that can do!} Anyways, I got to meet his wife that night, and I've managed to run into her several times now. She is super nice! Yesterday, as I was walking in to Cody's "Solar System Parade", I saw the pastor of the church where Chris played bass for a year or so. Again, it was nice to see someone that I kinda know & have somebody to stand with! I like to think that I'm outgoing, but I've come to realize that it's only if I'm in a comfortable place! And a school where I don't know anyone is NOT a comfortable place! It's funny that even as a grown woman who finally feels somewhat secure in myself, I still have this feeling of wanting to belong. Does that ever go away?

Here's Cody at the parade I mentioned earlier:

& Elly at the fair this afternoon:

Tonight, we're going to Wade & Amy's for our annual trick-or-treating tradition! Elly is a clown, & Cody is Anakin (for now ~ he may change to a hippie once we get there):


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