"Used To"

(by Daughtry)

In anticipation of the release of Daughtry's new album on Tuesday, I've been listening to the 1st album. I think Chris Daughtry's voice is just about the most beautiful thing out there...I have loved it since I first heard him on American Idol. I still can't believe it has taken this long for one of his songs to end up on this little ol' blog. And I also can't believe how long it has taken them to release their 2nd album. I've been anxiously awaiting its release ~> but seeing as it's happening on my mister's birthday & not mine, I just can't buy it that day. Is that silly?

I feel the need to share my favorite Daughtry memory...It was December of 2006, and the album had come out. It was Christmastime (obviously), so I couldn't buy it for myself! I just knew that my mister would get it for me for Christmas, or he'd have one of the kids get it for me. But Christmas day came & went, and there was no Daughtry album. I was OK with that. I honestly didn't even think about it when I opened my presents. Chris & the kids had put a lot of thought into their presents, so I was totally happy with what they thought were the perfect gifts for me.

We did our usual week-long after-Christmas "North Texas Tour" to visit family, then came home & got back into the normal swing of things. I handle the finances at our home ~ so when Chris finally gave me his receipts from before Christmas, I had to sort through them to decipher what budget category to code everything. I came across a Target receipt that showed the purchase of the Daughtry CD & was quite confused. I called Chris & asked him if he bought it, and he responded with a surprised & somewhat disappointed sounding "Oh!" He had hidden it inside one of my other presents, hoping to surprise me with it & get to see my reaction. But it wasn't something that I needed to open before we left on our trip, & he completely forgot about it until I called!

Yay for a surprise present, even if it doesn't go according to plan!


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