"The Chair"

(by George Strait)
From The theme song for today is...

Once again, the lyrics of today's song have absolutely nothing to do with my day, but the title does! Plus, what would this blog be without an occasional George Strait song?! I found this chair in someone's trash (gasp!) last week, & I thought I could fix it up. I've never picked up anyone's trash before, but I have been longing for a rocking chair! I have always LOVED to rock! I love sitting in a rocking chair while I read my Bible, drink coffee or tea, talk on the phone, etc. I have a glider on the front porch that can be used for these things, but honestly, it's summer in TEXAS! When it's 100+ degrees, that's just craziness!

I sold my glider/rocker in a garage sale last fall, with the intention of buying a new chair that would go in the living room. The problem was the fact that a new chair wouldn't fit in there! So, when I really got to thinking about it, it didn't make sense to spend money on one. Elly has a bright pink video rocker that she brings in there a lot, so I rock in that when she's not in it. But, at the risk of sounding like an old lady, my back just can't handle getting in & out of it!

So, I thought this chair could solve my problems (at least some of them) with only a little bit of work. It started out black (sorry, I didn't think to take pictures), but stripping it was WAY too much work. I'm no expert (OK, I'm not even a novice), so I did things the cheap & easy way. I just sanded off the really messed up parts, used screws & wood glue to fix a couple of broken parts, then spray painted it. I found the cushion at World Market (my favorite store) for only $3.24! {Yay for 50% off clearance sales!!}

I now have a beautiful not-so-beautiful, new (to me) Bible-reading, coffee/tea-drinking, phone-talking rocking chair!
From The theme song for today is...


janachelle said…
I love it! Great job :)
Zion said…
I was wondering what the story was behind the chair. Now I know. Great job. Jeremy and I have picked a lot of items off the street that people were throwing out. Some were great others I wish I wouldn't have bothered. The funny thing is people have taken things off the curb that we have thrown out. Just goes to show you how one man's trash is another man's treasure.

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