"This Good Day"

(by Fernando Ortega)

I couldn't find the full version of this song, but that's OK, because not all of the lyrics apply! The title does, though, & the following words are great:

If rain clouds come
Or the cold winds blow
You're the One
Who goes before me
And in my heart I know

This good day
It is a gift from You
The world is turning in its place
Because You made it to
I lift my voice
To sing a song of praise
on this good day

Chris had an appointment with his Ocular Oncologist today, and we have some good news! His tumor has shrunk some, and the doctor is pleased. He said that it hasn't shrunk too much or too fast. From what we understand, the shrinkage means that the radiation has killed off some of the cancer cells, and the fact that it has happened slowly indicates that the cancer may not have been growing aggressively at the time that it was discovered. We don't have any measurements at this point, but we'll go over the photos & ultrasound pictures in more detail when we go back in October. Also, he'll have his scans again in September or October, so hopefully the results will be the same as last time, & there will be no metastasis. We really appreciate your prayers!


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