"King of Glory (You Restore My Soul)"

(by All Sons & Daughters) 

I know I didn't do a weekend post, but I'll catch y'all up on things later. I just can't stop listening to today's song. I've known it for a year or so, but for some reason never really listened to it until a couple of weeks ago.

So if you haven't played the video, please do so now. And read the words. Or you can just read them below (copied from We Are Worship). It has been awhile since I've posted entire song lyrics, but this song is worthy...

"I know a place
Where I can find You
Here in the valley
Of the shadows
Give me eyes to see
Where You’re leading me

I know a place
Where I can feel You
Here in the freedom of
Give me strength to hold
Fast to what I know

You restore my soul
I’m Yours alone
Oh King of glory
When dark gives
Way to light
Your hope will rise
Oh King of glory

I know a place
Where I can hear You
Your truth is whisper
In the chaos
Give me faith to stand
Strong in this rushing wind

Surely goodness
And mercy
Follow me
Every moment
I will dwell with You"

Praying that you see where God is leading you, even if you're in the valley of the shadows.

Praying that you have the strength to hold fast to His truth and the freedom of forgiveness that He offers.

Praying that you're standing strong in the truth that He whispers in the chaos and the rushing wind.

Praying that goodness and mercy is following you as you dwell with Him.

Praying that you've found Him, feel Him, and hear Him.

Praying that you know that you are His and that He, the King of Glory, restores your soul today.



Brooke said…
Praying the same fr you!

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