"Rescue You" {maybe}


I have been a complete blogging failure lately, but I really have had quite a bit going on! Three out of the last four Saturdays have involved at least three separate activities, and some of those Sundays have involved one or two things (in addition to three church services in which I usually attend &/or serve). I'm not trying to make excuses; I'm just trying to explain why I haven't had a chance to post on the weekends. And y'all know my weekdays are crazy, too, so it's a struggle! I am hoping to work some shorter days this summer. Of course, the reason I want to do that is so I can be home with my kids. But maybe I'll have time to post a little more, too. No guarantees, but I really do want to post more than my weekend wrap-ups that are basically an online diary for me that probably don't interest y'all at all!


I was grateful and honored to attend this precious miracle's first birthday party last Saturday! He was born with a heart defect and other medical issues, so I mean it when I use the word miracle! ♥

Our family attended a worship team dinner last Saturday night, and there was a jam session afterward!

There was a wedding rehearsal and graduation party {for Haley -- picture fail!} on the same Saturday, and my sweet boy made me an iced coffee before I headed out the door to go from one thing to the next, to the next! I love that he included a couple of miniature Reese's cups! ü

In my last post I mentioned the large amount of graduates in our youth group this year. I think I've attended at least seven graduations &/or parties so far (& I've increased that number a couple of times while composing this post, because I kept remembering more!), and I have at least a couple to go! Though my weekends have been a bit hectic with the extra stuff (recitals and weddings), the extra money has been helpful in budgeting for graduation gifts!! :)

Julie & I attended sweet Katie's graduation and party last weekend. Funny story...her mom was our church's preschool director when we first moved here (nearly eleven years ago!!), and Cody called her "Mista Resa" (instead of "Ms. Teresa")! How adorable is that?! ü

My family attended Rachel's...

...and Amelia's graduation parties today!

In other news...I traded patio tables with my friend Nichole, and I'm quite happy with the trade! I feel like my old table and chairs took up a bit too much space, especially with a good-sized grill out there. Rather than freshening up the set after sprucing up my glider, I planned on giving it away and possibly getting a little bistro set eventually. I mentioned it to Nichole when we were at their house for dessert last month, and she was interested in a trade. My set was special to me because it was given to me by my friend Amy, and hers was special for a similar reason. We are both glad to have these sets in each others' possessions now, because we both value them (if that makes sense). I think it worked out perfectly for both of us! :)

Even though I've already posted a picture of my glider and stuff, I thought it'd be good to post one again so you can see how the pillows coordinate! :)

We also installed a fan out there, so I will definitely get to enjoy my patio/sanctuary this summer!

Speaking of summer...it's officially here!! My kids finished school on Thursday! Both of the kids went to friends' houses after school, and Cody & I went exploring on our way home. I had looked at a map earlier in the day and saw a street nearby that I never knew existed. When I told Cody about it, he was intrigued and wanted to explore with me. We may have discovered a way to The Village, but we'll probably never know for sure! ;) We stopped to take a photo to remember our adventure and may or may not have taken 100 of them because we couldn't seem to take the perfect one...

I hope y'all are having a fun start to your summer!! ♥



Brooke said…
love the new patio set!!
and the exchange idea is nothing short of brilliant.
Zion said…
I want Cody to make me an iced coffee! That looks delish! We will soon have an outdoor area at our rental house, nothing fancy, but I would love to make the most of it and I thought of you. You do such a great job with all that.

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