"Out of Hiding"

(by Steffany Gretzinger) 

I actually started this post for last weekend, but I failed to finish it. Though I'm really not trying to make excuses, I'm unable to get my pictures onto Picasa the way I used to, so it takes more time. That's part of my struggle...And then there's just the whole time thing (or lack thereof).

Anyways, some highlights of my last few weeks were...

...celebrating Julie's birthday with my small group girls!

...hosting a book club at my home.

...finding out that Christopher's scans were approved!! <~ I'm in a bit of shock about this one!

...enjoying yummy goodness in Houston with my baby girl ü

...WINNING the first Bowl Games of the summer!

...a day at the beach with my favorite kids! ü

...girls' night at Lindsay's with Laurien, another Lindsay, & the first Lindsay's precious baby girls

...a Skeeters game with the First Impressions Team from church

...trying out a couple of places on a little coffee tour with Laurien {more on this later}

...a meetup with a couple of ocular melanoma ladies for brunch!

...and we were honored to be the first dinner guests at Alex & Lauren's new apartment!

We also took a brief trip to Dallas for Christopher's dad's birthday! I'm planning a separate "Our Friday Thangs" post for the drive up, but in addition to that bit of fun we spent some time with a couple of Christopher's aunts, enjoyed our stay at Dan & Connie's, had breakfast at the coffee bar that is run by our old church...

...& came home with a puppy {more on that later!}

The kids went to church camp in Alabama last week!

While there, Elly won a victory for the women...

And Cody made the news!

Aside from a few things that I'll post about separately, that about sums up the last few weeks. I hope y'all are doing well and have a super great week! ♥



Brooke said…
excellent news on the scans!!
Zion said…
Whoa! Lots going on. I will be playing catch up since we finally have wifi again! I can't wait to hear more.

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