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I thought I'd show y'all how my yard is looking before the summer heat kills a lot of the pretty stuff! I focused more on my front yard this spring.

I feel like it was really lacking some color, so I planted some lantanas under a couple of the trees. And because I'm cheap frugal, I started small. These things can get huge, though, so I really don't think I would've started big even if money wasn't a factor!

I had been looking for a big planter to fill in a bit of an empty spot, but I didn't want to spend the $80-90 that I kept seeing for the size that I wanted. I was determined to spend less than $50, and I saw some prospects at Ross & Home Goods. They weren't quite what I was looking for, though. Little did I know that I'd find one at the store I go to [almost] every day and for only $25!

Since I got such a good deal on the planter, I had some money left over to buy a few more flowers! These are my favorites:

My backyard basically looks the same as it did last year. I desperately need to weed it & put some fresh mulch down, but it's already so hot that I really don't think it'll happen until the fall. I did buy a little garden accessory, though. Elly & I thought it would be a good idea to put something back there that reminded us of Bailey, so we got this:

I was waiting on this post until my lantanas were blooming again, but it could be awhile. They're currently in a stage where they have no blooms but are covered in berries that the birds like.

So, I'll break off those pieces once the birds have eaten most of the berries, and maybe I'll remember to show y'all a picture when they're blooming again! The only bit of a picture I have of them in full bloom is when I noticed a hummingbird enjoying them & took a picture through my window (a month or so ago):

My friend Kelly had a little passion vine sucker that she dug up for me, but it didn't make it. She told me yesterday that she has her eye on another one & will let it develop deeper roots before she digs this one up for me. Maybe this one will make it in my yard, and I'll show it to y'all then. Also I hope to do some beautifying in the fall & will post some pics again then. For now, here's the rest of my backyard:

Have you planted anything new in your garden this year?



Zion said…
It's lovely! I wish I knew more about landscaping.
Brooke said…
how pretty!!
i suck at gardening, so i don't even try
Anonymous said…
So nice! What is the name of the flowers you said are your favorites? I really like those. I need to talk to you sometime about planting flowers. I'm not so great at it, but I know if I applied myself I could grow something, haha.

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