"On the Brightside"

(by Never Shout Never) On the Brightside - The Summer EP

My baby girl is 14 years old today!! This is one of my favorite pictures from when she was a baby:

I love this girl & can't believe how quickly time is flying by!

She is growing into such a beautiful, sweet, & kind young woman, and I am so very proud to be her mom. ♥



Brooke said…
happy birthday to your baby girl!!!!
Aww... that is the sweetest mama and baby photo, Amy! Beautiful. Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!
Amanda said…
Still can't believe this!! I remember driving around with her in the car when she was "little" and she would make suggestions about what we should do. She would always see a fairground or carnival outside. She would always say,

"Wow, that carnival sure looks like fun."
--Sure does.

"Maybe we can go to a carnival one day."


"Maybe we should go to that carnival today."


Lol, it would always crack Dan and I up!!!

Can't believe she's 14. Blows. My. Mind.
Jen Price said…
Happy Birthday to your girl! Such a beautiful photo of the two of you!
{amy} said…
@Amanda...or how about...

"Here's a picture of your drums."

"That's me playing your drums."

"Maybe I could play your drums."
Amanda said…
Lolololol!!! Those were the days!!! It's so funny, she said something suggestive like that everyday!!!
Becky Crenshaw said…
Love this picture of her as a baby. just beautiful!
AND I must have the recipe to that crockpot dessert!

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