"For You My Friend"

(by Joy Mumford)

This week I...

...heard my sweet boy do the scripture reading & prayer at church

...became an employee of my favorite place outside of the home {not Kroger, despite the frequency of my visits there...} I'm the new Youth, Missions, & Outreach Assistant at my church, working for a couple of guys that I love dearly ~ Wade & Aaron! ΓΌ

...gathered together with a bunch of ladies from church & worked on crafts to send on mission trips

...learned a new way to cast on stitches for knitting {because Jen & Melissa are probably the only ones who care, I won't explain that. Just know that I'm excited about this for when it comes to larger projects!}

...got this delicious dessert from my new boss:

...found out that my baby brother will be free by the end of November!!!! {maybe in time for Thanksgiving?! I'll keep y'all posted!}

...celebrated my baby girl's 14th birthday!

...listened to today's song a bunch, & I can't believe I haven't posted it before! I discovered Joy Mumford while searching for a teacake song, and I fell in love with this song. The video is kinda sad, but the lyrics are actually quite uplifting. It's soooo good that I can't pick a favorite part! Of course I love the chorus that says, "Hold on to what you know, not on to what they told you...Hold on to the truth. That's the gift He gave to you." And I really like the second verse that says, "You were made perfect, so don't change. Though the world may be cold, rely on love because it's worth it." The bridge just might be my favorite part, where it says:

"Remember you're beautiful
Remember you're wonderful
Remember when you're down, your story will turn someone's life around
Don't stay silent, scream it out
Shout out who you are now..."

I hope y'all are having a super wonderful weekend! ♥



melissa said…
YAY for new knitting techniques !!
Congrats on the new job, Amy! You are going to be so fantastic at it!! Looking forward to seeing some of those new knitting projects. :) OH my goodness... the news about your brother... I am so happy for you guys!!!
Amanda said…
Yay for Cody reading scripture and saying the prayer! How proud you must be! Such a sweet boy! You already know about how I feel about Elizabeth turning 14!! So excited about your brother! Praying that he will be home for Thanksgiving. Congrats on your new job!!!
Zion said…
That's so exciting about the new job, and GO Cody!
Jen Price said…
So many great things! Congrats on a job you love and a new knitting technique! I've been thinking I need to pick up the needles and start a project.
Laura said…
I can't believe she's 14! Ahhh!
Brooke said…
sounds like a wonderful week!! i'll be praying you'll get to have your brother home with y'all for Thanksgiving!

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