"Thank God"

(by Ty Tabor) Thank God - Balance

Thank God by Ty Tabor on Grooveshark

Today I am thankful for...
  1. Receiving a replacement Bible without hassle {for my new one that was missing around 65 pages}
  2. New recipes to try
  3. Cheap sunglasses {'cuz let's face it: I'm dangerous & can't afford to continuously replace expensive ones}
  4. Breakfast with Marcie {finally!!}
  5. A lovely yarn store
  6. A little girl who likes the fact that she gets to ride to church with Cody on Wednesday nights ;)
  7. The chance to simply be silly with the students at church
  8. A friend who forgives me for totally forgetting about a crop day
  9. The free time to actually make it to said crop day {an hour or so late}
  10. Laughter with my "little sis" {the lovely Lydia}
  11. A productive first meeting for goingLOCAL leaders
  12. Good discussion time at MOPS
  13. Students who sacrifice an entire Saturday for a service project
  14. Another wonderful Alpha Day with my baby brother
  15. Grease from fried chicken to provide a little moisture for my lips when I had to do without Chapstick for the whole day {I almost didn't type this for fear that y'all would think I've totally lost it. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, & I was quite thankful for some temporary relief!}
  16. People who volunteer their time to pour into the lives of Aaron & his "brothers in white"
  17. My picture making it into the video for Caleb's first year :)
  18. An opportunity for rest on what was originally going to be a busy Sunday afternoon
  19. B12 supplements
  20. Buckeyes {have I mentioned that I love peanut butter & chocolate?}
  21. My friend Desiree who opens up her home every Monday morning for Moms in Touch
  22. Finally catching up on blog posts that have been in my reader for way too long
  23. Drought conditions improving
  24. Kettle cooked jalapeno flavored chips
  25. Socks on cold & rainy days

I'm 3/4 of the way through this little "One Thousand Gifts" meme. It seemed a little overwhelming at first, but it really isn't so hard to come up with things I'm thankful for. God is so good! What's on your list today?



Brooke said…
y'all are having a drought? it seems as if our sump pump never stops running. :-/
Free time... yay for free time! #740... lol... it really is the simple things, isn't it? ;) I have seen those buckeye and need to try to make them sometime. They sound yummy. :)
Zion said…
You are truly blessed :). We all are we just don't focus on it, that's what makes this series so great.

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