"I Hate Christmas Parties"

(by Relient K) I Hate Christmas Parties - Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer

I Hate Christmas Parties by Relient K on Grooveshark

Day 6 in the 12 Days of Christmas Song Challenge is: song that makes you sad. I'm sure there are other sad Christmas songs, but this is my favorite sad one. I think you should be proud of me for not posting a Relient K song until now (other than the one to introduce the challenge).

For the record: I actually love Christmas parties. And I especially love the student ministry's Tacky Christmas Sweater party that my baby girl & I went to tonight! We actually had a hard time finding tacky sweaters. I don't know if we waited to shop until too late in the season or what. But Wade actually encouraged head to toe tackiness, so I think we did good. You'll have to excuse the pictures of me with my girl. Cody took them, & he has a hard time being still. But I wanted you to see a couple of our awkward poses...

Here are just a few of the girls in their tacky attire:

The girl on the left made her entire outfit!

& here I am with most of the other adult leaders at the party...


Back to the original reason for this post...is there a Christmas song that makes you sad?



Brooke said…
even with your sweater tucked in you look cute!!
Jack W said…
"Going Home for Christmas" by Steven Curtis Chapman always reminds me of my grandparents in Texas, both of whom passed away several years ago. So yeah, it makes me pretty sad, but in a joyful way!

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