"Long Time Coming"

(by Jonny Lang) Long Time Coming - Long Time Coming

My mister had an appointment with his ocular oncologist this morning, and all is good! His pressure is still down (though it remains on the upper range of normal), and the tumor looks good & is smaller than before! And the best news of all is...


We're talking almost 4 months, people! {3 months & 27 days, to be exact!} This is the longest break throughout this entire journey! And I'm telling you, it's been a long time coming. Up until now, the largest stretch of time between doctor visits was 2 months & 25 days. Of course, there have been several times that we've gone three days in a row, but on average there have been monthly visits. I keep track of it all for tax purposes. And because I'm a numbers girl. Even though you probably don't care about the numbers like I do, I'll share the facts with you...

Since this all began, here are the amount of cancer-related trips we've taken to the Medical Center:
14 in 2008 {& he wasn't even diagnosed until September!}
17 in 2009
14 in 2010 {because we were finally able to schedule appointments on the same day on occasion!}
& 3 so far this year

As if the numbers I've given you don't already prove what a weirdo I am, I decided to calculate an exact average. It turns out that we've driven to the Med Center an average of every 19.83 days for the past 2 & 1/2 years. Nice. I realize that there are people who have to make daily trips for chemo & such [like my step-sister who is about to start daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks], so I'm not trying to outdo anyone here. It's just crazy that we've made that many trips, yet he has NOT been through a regimen of chemo or radiation treatments. Lord willing, we'll never have to do that.

Alright, I've gotta go! I hear some Girl Scout Cookies saying they'd like to celebrate with me! :)



Zion said…
You celebrate girl! I know Zion's vision problems are not anything remotely close or as serious as what you are going through, but it's the closest thing I have to relate in my life at this time. Z only has to get checked out every 3 months now and I have always felt the same as you. PLEASE space these appointments out a little bit! Obviously for medical reasons, but financial too. He has an appointment at the end of the month and SJ has her first one!
Brooke said…
that's really awesome amy!! :) so happy for you guys.
Anonymous said…
so thankful to hear that! what a wonderful gift from the Lord. :)
I am so, so happy to hear this wonderful news Amy! I know how it feels so good to not have to go to a doctor appointment for a while. You feel like you have finally made some progress! You celebrate with those cookies sweetie! love & hugs to you!

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