(by David Bowie) Changes - Best of Bowie

"Time may change me but I can't change time." - David Bowie
"I guess David Bowie did not observe Daylight Savings Time." - My mister

Time change: what a great way to help kick off Spring Break!
{that was written in "sarcastic font" in case you couldn't tell!}

Oh well, at least I can sleep in a little this week...I won't be around too much though, because I'll be Spring Breaking! I hope you recuperate from your lost hour of sleep this week, too! And if you're on Spring Break, be safe & have fun!!!



Zion said…
Not my favorite day of the year either. Happy spring break!
RR Mama said…
This time change really kicked my butt this morning. One more week till spring break. I think can I think can...

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