"Every Boy and Girl Falls in Love"

Joy Electric - Melody - Every Boy and Girl Falls In Love
(by Joy Electric)

"Every boy and girl falls in love
Every boy and girl falls in love again
Take my heart
I want to be in love
Take my heart
I want to be the one
You're my heart
You're my soul
Keep me true in your thoughts
Keep my heart forever..."

So, I helped give a baby shower for my friend Sally this past weekend. This is her first baby, and it got me thinking about life before Elizabeth was born: falling in love, getting married, the anticipation of expecting our first child, building a house, expecting our second child,...and I decided to tell you our story. Of course, there's a song for every year, so it'll take awhile! Some posts will be longer than others, because some years were more eventful; but I'll try not to drag it out too much. {if you know me, you know how hard that is!!} I'll also include some pictures of us along the way. Stay tuned for the 1st installment of "Amus Loves Butch: Through the Years"...I hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane!

[In case you're wondering how Chris is doing, nothing has really changed. At his appointment on Monday, Dr. Boniuk said his eye was healing well, and he didn't see any retinal detachment. When we go back after the first of the year, he will probably do a laser treatment to help prevent radiation retinopathy (which is, basically, damage to the retina due to radiation leaking through the blood vessels). By that time, Chris should be completely healed from the surgery, though the tumor will never go away. There have still been no new pictures taken; but we don't expect any change yet, so there doesn't seem to be a point at this time. Dr. Boniuk still says it will probably take a year to see any effect of the radiation. I'll keep you posted if there's anything new! Again, we really appreciate your continued prayers.]


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