(by Stellar Kart)

"Life is filled with
Circumstances situations
That we can't avoid
And I admit some
Days can steal my happiness
But I still got joy

Hey You are my sunshine
On a rainy day it's gonna be ok
Hey You are my sunshine
It's gonna be alright

I believe in
Something bigger than my troubles
They can't keep me down
This sinking feeling
Starts disappearing on the double
Now that You're around


I am not afraid
To walk into the darkness
Cause I've got the Light
I've got my problems
But I know that Jesus loves me
And that's alright


Christopher got his radiation plaque removed this morning! One of the nurses said that he was talking in his sleep. She said if I gave her $20, she'd tell me everything; but if Chris gave her $40, she'd keep her mouth shut! She was fun. But, I trust him, so I don't really care what he was saying! Anyways, he said it already felt better without the plaque. He was still numb when he said that, though. So, we'll see how he feels later. He has been sleeping since we got home, and I figure he'll sleep for a few more hours. He likes all of the sleeping he has been able to do, but he'd prefer to do it without the pain!


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