(by Tree63)

"I believe a change is going to come
That yesterday is over
I do yeah I do yeah

The clouds have silver linings after all
I’ve seen them with my own eyes
It’s true yeah – it’s true yeah

Though darkness overcomes you now
Morning will break through somehow

It’s all gonna be alright – it’s all gonna be alright
Even this will pass – tomorrow comes at last
It’s all gonna be alright – it’s all gonna be alright
It’s all gonna be alright

The grass is greener on the other side
No matter what they tell you
It’s beautiful – so beautiful

Sow in tears and reap with songs of joy
No sorrow lasts forever
It’s true yeah – it’s true yeah

There never was a darkest night
Without the promise of the morning light


We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am for Chris to have the surgery to implant the radioactive plaque over the tumor in his eye. [The plaque is about the size of a nickel & contains radioactive seeds that will hopefully destroy the tumor & prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body (like the liver & lungs).] By about 9:15, Dr. Boniuk came out to say that they were already finished, and they were bringing him out of anesthesia. Originally, we thought he would have to stay in the hospital for a day or two, but they went ahead & sent him home with me this afternoon! The plaque will be in place for a week, and the effects will be seen over the next few months to a year. The doctor said he would like to see it shrink slowly, so please agree in prayer with us for that!

Christopher is experiencing some "discomfort" as the doctor calls it {but you & I call it something more like "PAIN"}, so he took his Darvocet & went to bed. Pepper doesn't like that he's in there without her, but she'll just have to get over it! A few minutes ago, I walked toward the hallway, and she sat up hoping she could go into the bedroom with me. When I turned the other direction, she flopped down with a "Humph!" sound & looked all sad! She loves her daddy & would love to be in there giving him kisses, but unfortunately that would keep him awake!

The kids are with one of my many wonderful friends! God is so good to bless us with friends & family who love us & don't mind:
  • taking my kids to school (did I mention us dropping the kids off at 5:45 am?)
  • getting up super early to pray with Chris before surgery
  • attempting to navigate the Medical Center
  • attempting to navigate the hospital itself! {Note: 2nd floor = crosswalk}
  • finding a nice cold bottle of Dr Pepper for my mister after surgery
  • keeping me company at the hospital & letting me ramble about crazy weird things
  • checking on my dog & chasing her around the house trying to get her to go outside to potty
  • paying for parking (Lord knows we've had to do a lot of that lately!)
  • searching the world over for a peculiar eye drop prescription
  • enduring an elementary school carpool line {yikes!}
  • bringing us food (though I forgot to mention that Chris requested blueberries!)
  • being there for me, even when I bust out crying in the middle of a casual conversation
  • telling me to call, even if it's to vent, or cry, or scream
  • encouraging me to trust God no matter what
  • praying {please know that I covet your prayers & do not take them for granted!}
I'm sure there are things I have forgotten, but it doesn't mean I'm ungrateful! I really do appreciate everyone's love and support! We have the best friends & family in the world!


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