"That's Christmas to Me"

(by Pentatonix) 

I'm sorry, y'all...I had started this post yesterday, but Elly needed the computer for homework. Then I totally forgot that I hadn't published it...Anyways...It's about time that I post a Christmas song this year! And what better way to kick off the Christmas season on this little ol' blog than with Pentatonix?!

Speaking of Christmas, I made this wreath last week! Neil & Rick decorated their office doors at work. I don't have an office door, so I hung it on the closet door near my desk! :)

I got more yummy goodness from my Sneaky Santa the other day!

I dressed my puppy in an infinity scarf so she'd look like a hipster...

Not really...she wore it to coordinate with the family for pictures at Freddy's studio on Thursday night:

I'll post more when Freddy is finished editing them, but here's the teaser he posted that night!

We ate empanadas with Dan & Amanda's family on Saturday! This has been "our place" with them for nine years now!

We also had a staff and elders Christmas party at Rick & Theresa's on Saturday night! I didn't even think about getting a picture, but I took a pic of the ornament that they made for each of us. It has our church logo on it, how cool is that?!

As of now, Christopher's scans are scheduled for Thursday. There's some discrepancy between our approval/denial letters and what Dr L's office is saying regarding whether insurance has approved both of the necessary scans, so I'm not 100% sure that it's all going to happen. But if they are on Thursday, we're scheduled to get results next Wednesday (because Dr L is out of town this week). Please pray that they happen and for peace while we await results. Thank you!

That's about it! I hope y'all are doing well! ♥



Brooke said…
love your wreath!
praying the scans go well today.
Zion said…
Nice wreath and I can't wait to see that Christmas card!

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