By the time most of you read this, NEEDTOBREATHE'S NEW ALBUM WILL BE OUT!!!!! You should go buy it. Right now.

Seriously. What are you waiting for?! ü

I'm a little late for my Weekend Wrap-up, but the only exciting things I did last week were go to a baby shower for a friend from church and a surprise birthday party for my neighbor (& I don't have pictures from either event). I had hoped to post a bit more about my India trip last week, but I'm waiting on a picture from Coco. Once I get it, I'll post about that. I also plan to tell y'all about a couple of trips I took in March {man, I'm so far behind on all of this!} And I hope to show y'all some pictures from my garden soon!

For now, look how cute my kids are:

They recreated this photo for National Sibling Day/Throwback Thursday, 'cuz they're cool like that.

I hope y'all have a super great week! ♥



Brooke said…
love the TBT picture!!!! :) very cute.

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